Call for Papers (Free Ebrei Serie 2019)

Call for papers, FREE EBREI SERIES 2019

Vergangenheitsbewältigung. The Elaboration of the Past and Jewish contemporary identity in the 20th Century

 “The Age of Extremes” - according to the well-known formulation of Hobsbawm - constitutes a cultural-political landscape in the 20th century, where atrocities and disasters seem to be incessantly repeated. Therefore, the elaboration of the past played (and actually plays) an important role in the last century. The overcoming of the past has many different facets in the history, in the culture, in the literature, as well as in psychology, philosophy or sociology. How can one face with the past of wars and totalitarianisms? How can a victim-offender-paradigm be articulated or overcome? How is a culture of remembrance founded? What did and does the destruction of European Jewry and the subsequent establishment of the State of Israel mean for such “Vergangenheitsbewältigung”?

Vergangenheitsbewältigung is not only a specific German ethical and political problem, but should also be considered a key “mythe-moteur” of post-war European (and not only) identity. Memory and remembrance are the most important pillars of the “civic religion” of post-war states; but are a deeper knowledge and consciousness of the past the right way to overcome traumas? Secondly, is it necessary to overcome trauma? Was Holocaust-Shoah the paradigm of a new way to account the dialectical “extremes” of Enlightenment?

In order to address such issues, the researchers from all over the world are called with a methodological, thematic and motif-oriented, cultural or institutional, country-specific and case-studies-oriented article for “Freeebrei Yearbook” (Subserie of “Studies in Jewish History and Culture”).


The editorial board of the online Journal of Contemporary Jewish Identity “Free Ebrei” invites submissions of articles for “Free Ebrei Series” – subseries of “Studies in Jewish History and Culture” (Brill) - 2018 annual volume dedicated to the topic of the Vergangenheitsbewältigung. The Elaboration of the Past and the Jewish contemporary identity in the 20th Century. We hope for a fruitful discussion, founded on a multidisciplinary viewpoint involving cultural, social, political, and religious perspectives, that would help to  comprehend the Jewish perceptions of the relations and dialogue with cultural and religious “other” in the contemporary world. The articles’ length should be between 30,000 and 60,000 characters (footnotes and spaces included). The deadline for submission is July 31, 2019 (midnight CET time).

The journal adheres to a double-blind review policy in which the identity of both the reviewer and author are always concealed from both parties. Each article will be reviewed by two specialists selected by the editorial board and by Brill Serie "Studies in Jewish History and Culture".

The submissions should be emailed to the editorial board at as a Word file together with a short CV, a 200 word abstract and a statement guaranteeing that the work is original and unpublished, and that it is not being submitted to other journals simultaneously.

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